ACS = Aeon Credit Service

The fundamental principle of ÆON is its “customer centered approach.” ÆON’s mission is to contribute to customers.

ÆON’s most basic and abiding principles are the pursuit of peace, respect for humanity, and contribution to local communities through customer centered initiatives. Under these principles, we are determined to achieve global management standards.

All companies under the ÆON Group are guided by the unchanging ‘Customer First’ philosophy. Its aim is to surpass expectations by combining excellent products with unique personal services.

Are You Qualified? /Andakah Anda Layak?

Term And Condition / Terma dan Syarat

1. Malaysian citizen / Warganegara Malaysia

2. Working for at least 6 months and above / Bekerja 6 bulan dan ke atas

3. Not blacklisted by any financial institution / Tidak disenarai hitam oleh mana-mana institusi kewangan.

4. Emergency Contact can be reach anytime / Emergency contact boleh dihubungi dari masa ke semasa.

What Document Needed / Document Yang Diperlukan

1. Fotocopy Ic – Front & Back/Depan Belakang

2. Payslip/Slip Gaji – 3months (Latest) / 3bulan (Terkini)

3. Bank Statement – 1month/1bulan
(Maybank, Ambank, CIMB, Bank Muamalat, Standard Chartered, Alliance, Public Bank, RHB Bank)

4. EPF  Statement / Penyata EPF (For Iphone Only / Untuk Iphone Sahaja).

Payment / Pembayaran

1. No deposit / Tiada deposit (*exceptional for special case / kes special dikecualikan  )

2.  RM60 Processing fee when apply / RM60 Yuran Pemprosesan hendaklah dibayar semasa permohonan.

How To Apply / Cara Untuk Memohon

1. Walk in to our shop with all document ready / Kunjungi kedai kami dengan membawa document lengkap.

2. Contact our Customer Service via Whatsapp / Hubungi Perkhidmatan Pelanggan kami melalui Whatsapp.

3. Fill in the Google Form provided below / Lengkapkan Borang Google yang disediakan di bawah.

*make sure to capture/scan all the document before fill in the form / pastikan gambar/scan semua document sebelum mengisi borang.

Click the link below to apply / Tekan link di bawah untuk memohon.

Click here